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Scholarship work - First Quarter.

Despite the lockdown, decreed right after the new year, our work with the scholarship holders was initiated online. Each scholarship holder received a small kit with all the tools necessary for them to start their work in drypoint. Sessions were held online, collectively, and their work was followed up through sharing photos on our whatsapp group.

Once lockdown was eased, we were able to receive them one by one in order to proceed with the works and also to pull some state prints in order for them to understand how their work was evolving. More recently, with the complete lift of the lockdown, in the beginning of March, we were able to hold regular sessions in the studio and their work in drypoint has evolved as shown on the samples below.

With the start of a new month, they had an introduction to etching (aqua-forte) as they will start working with the technique. They are also starting to work on a collective print dialogue (that we will love to share the details at a later date)!

Images shown from left to right: Top row - Mohammad, Gosha, Mehidinne, Alaa. Bottom row - Fadi, Mariam, Noor.

Meet our shcolarship holders!

We are glad to announce the shcolarship holders for the studio's Printmaking Scholarship Program 2021!

The selected participants are:

Alaa Itani- Lebanese University - Fine Arts

Mariam Arbid _ Lebanese International University - Graphic Design

Mehidinn Karouni - Lebanese International University - Graphic Design

Mohamad Dweik - Lebanese International University - Graphic Design

Noor Kassem - Lebanese University - Fine Arts

Gosha Beshlyan - Florence Academy of Art - Fine Arts (scholarship holder special grant)

Fadi Almelhem - Univesity of Damascus - B.A. Fine Arts (scholarship holder + studio assistant)

It is our privilege to have these young talents in our studio where they will spend a full year learning all of the different printmaking techniques and working on their own individual and collective projects! Follow the studio's Instagram account (@beirutprintmakingstudio) in order to follow up on their progress!


Beirut Printmaking Studio Scholarship program 2021

Through the support of the “Solidarité avec Beirut Printmaking Studio” initiative headed by Sabine Delahaut and Jean-Michel Uyttersprot, we are glad to announce and to offer our Printmaking Scholarship program.

This program is aimed at university students that have the talent but not necessarily the means to study and produce works in printmaking. This program will offer a one year fully paid scholarship program at our studios with all materials included so that students can learn the numerous techniques in printmaking and later produce their own body of work resulting in a collective exhibition.

This program is open to any student, Lebanese or foreign currently enrolled in any major, of the ages 17 and up and with fluency in drawing. Having taken Drawing and Fundamentals of Design courses are a bonus.



-This is a one year commitment.

-Applicants must have a high GPA and it must be maintained throughout the program.

-Students must attend their sessions twice a week without exceptions.

-Students are expected to work collectively and individually.

-For every work created, one edition must be left at the benefit of the studio in order to raise funds for the following years program.

-The exact schedule of sessions will be adapted to the needs of each student.


Deadline for submissions: 31/12/2020

Winner announcement: 11/01/2021

Start of Scholarship: 18/01/2021


It’s simple!

Send us an email to beirutprintmakingstudio@gmail.com. On the subject line write the following: APPLICATION FOR SCHOLARSHIP 2021 & your name. On this email, please attach up to 10 images of any previous works you have done in any medium. You will be selected entirely based upon the quality of your work. Once selected, we will request further information as necessary.

If you have any questions, contact us through beirutprintmakingstudio@gmail.com.